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what is sentience

A "sentient" being is any living thing that have nerves and a brain. Just like us all the animals we use for food, clothing, entertainment , etc are sentient. Animals and insects feel pain, fear violence just like us and are aware of the world they live in. We of course can see the difference in our intellectual levels but they still have a brain that lets them feel.

What is speciesism

Speciesism is to discriminate between one sentient being to another. A very easy example of this happening constantly is a pet owner loving their pet animal but eating other animals with no care. This means they feel that their pet has the right to live but the animal killed for food does not have that same right. That is speciesism and very unfair to all those killed everyday.

animal rights

Why should some animals have rights and others not? If a dog is abused by its owner, the owner is given a court sentence. If a pig is abused by a worker, the law says that is o.k - but does that make it right? Ask yourself these questions:

1. Does every animal have the right to live?

2. Does every animal have the right to be protected from abuse?

3. Does every animal feel pain?

4. Does every animal deserve to live a pain free life?

5. Does every animal want to survive instead of die?

If you answered 'yes' to all those're thinking like a vegan!

vegan rights

Currently no such 'right' exists but I think we could change this. As a vegan I feel that we should have a right to have a vegan food option in at least big food chains. We should have a right to teach the young the truth about farming and the entire agricultural industry. We should have the right to bring this to peoples attention in a peaceful way. I will be covering this topic in full on YouTube and with an article so keep a look out for updates!

the knock on effect

Every action causes a reaction and has a 'knock on effect'

Vegans consciously think about what effects their actions have. Making sure to only support companies that are in line with their own beliefs, buying products that do not add to any global issues, using products that are animal testing free, eating foods that cause no deaths and do not contribute to anything that causes animals or the earth harm. See every actions full picture, before you know it, it will become second nature to you!  


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