How To Celebrate On World Vegan Day

November 1, 2017

Hooray for the herbivores! Finally an entire day to talk freely about Veganism...oh wait, I already do that! It`s not uncommon for us vegans to be known for speaking up to help the voiceless but it sure does help that we have a recognised day to speak some more. It`s all thanks to the UK`s legendary vegan activist Louise Wallis. Working with The Vegan Society (who I am in absolute gratitude debt to), in 1994 they celebrated their 50th anniversary on November 1st, it was from then on known globally as World Vegan Day for us all to celebrate! Now they have extended the day to an entire month - even better! So how do we celebrate? Here are my top five ideas to be loud and proud on this annual event just for us plant powered people! 


1. Vegan Office Party

In an old office Job I had it was honestly any excuse to all bring treats, make cakes, and pretty much get away from your desk without it resulting in a raised eyebrow. Pick a day and get an email sent around asking everyone to bring in some vegan goodies. Sorted. 

If you want to go the extra mile with this one then make some vegan info leaflets for people to take back to their desks and read, an email on the day could work but people are much less likely to prioritise your ve-mail when they can see the full inbox they need to work through! 


2. A Charity Vegan Bake sale

You could do this at work, at schools or a number of public places. People tend to be more willing when they know it's to help a charity. Pick a relevant charity like a animal sanctuary but be sure to make it known that all the lovely cakes you have to offer are vegan, and again you could do a little more and make some vegan info flyers.


3. Challenge Your Chums

Especially today you could challenge your friends to be vegan for the entire day, better yet be vegan for the entire month. Be sure to give them helpful links and offer lots of support! Working through the Grow Up Vegan Go Vegan pages would be a great start! 


4. Movie Night

Invite a bunch of your friends over for a vegan movie night...some may well be reluctant to come over to watch a documentary deemed boring by them, but with some enticing treats and tipple I'm sure they will be popping in like popcorn before you know it!


5. Time to Dine 

This idea is more just for yourself and to celebrate and be proud of yourself. The one single biggest impact activist act a person can take is to go vegan. You should remind yourself of that from time to time and dine! Pick your favourite vegan restaurant and go and have a plate full of plantbased goodness. You deserve it!


I have lots more vegan celebration ideas but...I'm off out to celebrate! I hope my top five have spurred you on to do the same! Head over to YouTube, Comment, post, Tag, and Tweet me your celebrations on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for me to see and dont forget to #GrowUpVegan














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