Look alike day - so many animals look and act like dogs

April 20, 2019


It’s international look alike day which got me thinking about all the animals that look or act like other animals. It quickly became apparent that most animals could be compared to our popular choice of companion, dogs. It’s a little unsettling to think that so many animals share similar features, characteristics and traits to mans best friend, but are treated with little to no respect. 



Pigs and dogs are often compared to each other during animal rights outreach conversations. This is because pigs are actually smarter than dogs, so it’s an easy comparison to make which highlights the hypocrisy in loving one and eating another. Just like dogs, pigs like to play with toy balls, be cuddled, get massages and enjoy time spent with humans. They can recognise their own names and respond when being called upon. Another like for like trait to dogs is that they can be taught to sit, fetch and learn tricks. What they can do that dogs can’t, is play video games! Although this has only sadly been discovered and developed to ‘improve farming conditions’ by Utrecht school of the arts. You’d think upon realising that pigs can interact with gaming technology, they would question if pigs should be in farms at all! 



Coyotes resemble dogs physically with their long noses and fluffy fur but their fur is the reason why they are being treated as anything but a companion. The fur trim of winter coats by Canada Goose and other brands is from coyotes. The fur fashion trend means coyotes are being hunted now more than ever. Did you know that male coyotes are called dog, females are called bitch, and their young are called puppies...sound familiar? Coyotes are also known by their scientific name ‘Canis latrans’, which also means ‘barking dog’ and it’s no coincidence they share names. Looking very alike, it’s not a surprise that they share many characteristics. Coyotes have even been seen to play with dogs when they have bumped into each other. They may be worlds apart, one being domesticated and the other being wild, but they will always share their instinctive behaviours. A life is not worth a 'trendy' winter jacket.



When some dog breeds get their picture put aside an image of a sheep, it’s easy to see a resemblance in appearance, but what about the way they act? Any similarities? Here are a F-ewe things you may not have known...sheep have amazing memories and they can remember around 50 individuals, both fellow sheep and humans, for years! Sheep even show emotions similar to dogs...and humans! When feeling blue, they hang their heads and avoid positive interactions. Just like our paddling loving poochies, sheep also love to take a dip and have been known to swim across lakes and rivers! Sheep may look a little lost at times but their intelligence matches that of a monkey! Although all those smarts doesn’t mean they can’t be silly, they love to play, just like dogs. 



It’s been circulating recently that foxes are being domesticated and taken into loving homes so they’re safe from being hunted. The fact that foxes can be domesticated only highlights that they share commonalities to dogs. Although I absolutely do not recommend you try to befriend a fox, as they are of course wild animals that will follow instinctive behaviour. However, what traits do they share with dogs without being domesticated? They are part of the same animal family as dogs and can learn tricks. Although, they do have a shorter attention span because of their wild roots! @juniperfoxx an instafamous fox recently learnt to twirl and now he can’t stop looping for the likes!


Dogs that look most like their fox friends are, Shiba Inu, Finnish Spitz, Jindo, American Eskimo, and the long haired chihuahua. 



Cows are giant dogs, fact. Ok, maybe not a fact, but they seriously act like big dogs when you play with them. They play fetch, love rolling around on the grass, being cuddled, and remember you as a companion. Cows have great memories and recognise faces, meaning they remember a friend and will greet you with eagerness, just like a dog. Cows can also teach themselves tricks. We all giggle when a dog learns how to open a door but cows can do the exact same thing. It’s been documented time and time again that they have taught themselves how to open gate mechanisms, turn a water tap and find the leaver for their feed. The most adorable likeness is when they nuzzle their faces into you. Yup, they even show you affection and want to be close. 


Anyone else got an overwhelming urge to go and play with all of the above animals? If you eat or wear any of the animals listed in this article, maybe have a think about it happening to a dog instead and consider the comparisons made here. Each animal is an individual and it is so important for us to challenge our conditioning that some are worth less than others. Love them all, they all deserve it. 


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