Lidl lies to children this Easter

April 5, 2019


Lidl have launched their online Easter advertisement campaign and we are shocked by the tale they’re telling to children.


'Larry’s tale' is an Easter story of a lamb living on a Lidl farm who’s in search of his friends for an Easter party he is hosting. I wonder where he will find them? In the crammed sheds? The slaughter house? After Larry can’t find his friends in any of the idyllic farm settings, he is shocked to find all his farm friends surprising him! And Lidl finishes the tale with the traditional fairy tale ending “and there they lived happily every after”.


This is clearly very misleading. To say that they live on a Lidl farm gives the impression that the animations represent the reality for farm animals, which we know is not the case. It also implies that the animals live and aren’t slaughtered to become the products that they sell.


We encourage you to make a complaint to ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) by clicking HERE. Please outline that the advert is misleading and is inappropriately targeted towards children, gives a false impression of the farming conditions and livelihood of the animals they breed, and falsely claims the animals live a happy and long life to their natural life expectancy. Stop telling tales Lidl! It’s time we told children the truth!



Make sure you tell Lidl how you feel about their lies and remember to tag us! Follow Grow Up Vegan and get in touch on FacebookInstagram and Twitter  #GrowUpVegan





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