Dash Vegan Exclusive Interview - Zero Waste

June 19, 2018


I was super excited when I heard about Dash Vegan opening a store and providing us with plastic free vegan goodies to dash in and grab! Going zero waste myself, I had just started searching for places to purchase my essentials from, and as if by magic, the Dash Vegan Store opened their doors to us! I contacted the founder Sam right away and asked if I could come and speak with her to get the inside scoop on how it all works!


Watch the exclusive interview YouTube Vlog!

So, why is zero waste important to me? Well now that I am finally practising what I preach, I feel like I can tell you all that it is very important and I am a little annoyed at myself for only recently realising this! You know that guilty feeling you get when you first realise that you should have been vegan many moons ago? Well this felt exactly the same. Single use plastic is having such a huge negative impact on the planet and buying in bulk with reusable glass jars is one of the many simple ways you can reduce your plastic use! 


Places like Dash Vegan are going to be leading us into the zero waste future and we should support them as much as possible. Subscribe, like and share the video to get the word out, check out Dash Vegan's website and give them a follow on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! After all, it is our responsibility to keep the demand high for compassionate products and decrease the sales of the not-so compassionate! 


Sam is super friendly and she spoke to me about all aspects of living a zero waste lifestyle and explained that she is forever helping, encouraging and supporting her customers with advice and tips.


If you're just starting your minimal waste journey too then follow my new account Plant Based Zero Waste where I am documenting the changes I am making! For article updates Subscribe to this website and don't forget to give Grow Up Vegan a follow on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter




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