Arla Claim To Be The Real Dairy Revolutionaries!

January 14, 2018


As the vegan revolution rises and more people are seeing through the murky milk of the meat and dairy industry, we’re going to see one of two things triggered; companies accepting and working toward the better future vegans aspire for, or alternatively desperately trying to change the minds of those less informed and reverting to the traditional advertising techniques used by the dairy industry throughout time.


Examples of questionable methodology such as actively tricking the public with misleading information, scare tactics and close family scenes that portray a false sense of security with familiarity and nostalgia, is only to firmly herd the viewers towards urgent industry saving sales! 


Arla Foods has a new advertisement campaign for their milk “The real dairy revolution” and a television advert (shown below) that not so subtly informs the viewers that “dairy was not to blame” for people’s stomach aches and other dairy consumption related symptoms. They set the scene with music made for movement, statements such as “hearts are won” and words used like “enemy” to trigger a feeling of a righteous crusade. We can only conclude the opposition to be Vegans, as who else are involved in a current revolution that is directly linked to dairy? Or I should say more correctly, the lack of dairy! No wonder this felt like an unfair and tailored attack.


Vegans are peaceful and use factual knowledge to triumph so Arla... Let the battle begin (queue movement music and dramatic speech); because we’re now equipped with knowledge, we’re now free from conditioning, and social media sharing platforms have enabled us to get our message across just as loudly!

The main actor used can’t be described any other way than a trending bearded bloke chucking Arla's milk carton down into the hands of an unsuspecting family enjoying a picnic. This forceful action ironically enforces exactly what it is they are attempting to do- keep families drinking milk on a daily basis and viewing it as a healthy normality. By no means am I intending to single out one particular company and there will no doubt be a rise of this vegan counteractive campaigning, but it was the first I saw of its kind and It felt unjust, lacking in truth, and an absolute direct hit against the real revolution that they are now battling- Veganism.



As you can see in this particular instance the angle was to take away health concerns with dairy and pin all the blame on lactose, but regardless of that, what about the ethical concerns we have? No matter how well the animals are treated, no matter how they claim to raise these cows, it is a fact that the cows are used to make money and inevitably get sent to be killed when the milk and therefore money dries up. Arla's ‘Lactose Free’ can’t fix this just like it can’t fix the fact that us humans simply aren’t made to consume milk.

This advert is a concerning example of what’s to come. I dread the drastic divide that is on its way but hope that the complete contrast between the two will only push people to lean towards veganism quicker. The more desperation we see, the more people will question why? Imagine seeing someone desperately pleading with their partner to take them back...what do we all automatically think? “They must have done something wrong! I wonder what they did?!” We question, we become curious, we see fault and we begin to seek the truth.

The truth is that the public deserve to be told the facts and then make their own informed decision! As more are actively researching and deciding that meat and dairy is a no go, the more we will see both sides of the argument come to a head. Tesco recently have partnered up with Derek Sarno to create Wicked Kitchen and launched a huge vegan range, Sainsbury’s have added a bunch more vegan bits to their aisles, along with Aldi who have released a new vegan line. It’s rumoured M&S are increasing their options later this year, along with Asda and even Co-Op, but what becomes apparent here is that these shops are exactly that - shops, and increasing the amount of vegan products they have will only help them. They have the flexibility as retailers to meet the demands of their consumers without making any losses but the production companies such as Arla don’t really have this as short term option.


They either add to their range of foods and follow the example of product manufacturers such as Flora who added a freefrom range and Ben & Jerry’s who took the lead and did the same, or they stick to their guns and try to keep dairy in demand. They could however do something incredible, they could admit defeat, embrace the change and completely change themselves. It’s becoming regular news to hear of dairy farms closing down and reopening as plant based milk manufacturers. The first and most memorable I read about was the Elmhurst Dairy in Queens, New York who operated for 90 years before shutting shop, ditching the dairy and reopening as simply Elmhurst, producing a full range of plant based milks that I have yet to try but would love to fully support.

The point here is we are absolutely in a revolutionary movement but it most definitely isn’t in favour of the milk manufacturers! What do you all think? Head over to Grow Up Vegans Instagram and follow, Tweet me, follow me on Facebook and watch some silly videos on YouTube. Subscribe to the blog for more articles like this! #GrowUpVegan





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