The Official Animal Rights March - Is it family friendly?

August 16, 2019


We are one final sleep away before The Official Animal Rights March takes place in London on 17th August 2019, where thousands of people gather for animal rights. But is it suitable for all ages? We all know how the media like to spin stories. Their incentive is to create exciting articles and sell tales, which has ultimately led to activism (and vegan activism especially) sounding like a harsh word to a lot of folk. But how much of this is down to the misinformed perception that activism is 'militant' and 'extreme'? 



Activism is simply campaigning to bring about political or social change, and the reality is, most vegan activism is perfectly peaceful and completely family friendly. Many vegan parents attending the march tomorrow would agree that we should be encouraging our children to stand up for what they believe in and marches are ideal so the entire family can protest together. It also allows everyone to feel comfortable knowing they are safe and aren’t doing anything wrong.



A lot of planning goes into an official march, such as licensing, stewards, marketing and a great deal of organisation. Liaising with the police is also essential! Seeing police attending these events can be discouraging to potential protesters, but rest assured they have been pre-informed and are attending to protect the public AND us from any trouble makers! Attending a march with children makes the preparation even more fun. Arts and crafts suddenly has a bigger purpose and it can be a great bonding activity. Another great bonus is the chance of meeting other vegan parents and children.



The Official Animal Rights March even has its own family section that we (Grow Up Vegan) are facilitating! This means we will all stick together towards the back of the march, we won't chant anything inappropriate and we will be marching at a slower pace for all those little marching legs to keep up. Click here to find out more.



Hopefully your mind is now at ease and you feel excited and ready to march together - we hope to see you there! Make sure to share your photos with us from the march #GrowUpVegan



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