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February 16, 2019

Believe it or not, vegans can catch a common cold! I know, shocking. After feeling under the weather for a few days, the delivery of Vegums that I was waiting to review couldn’t have landed on my doorstep at a better time. Vegums to the rescue! Opening up the parcel, the first thing to note is the packaging which is 100% plastic free. So not only is this product free from cruelty, but it’s also free from causing harm to the environment. Vegums are gummy vitamins, using natural ingredients that are certified vegan and perfect for both adults and children. They have been created by two pharmacists that wanted to create a vegan specific vitamin.


“It should give vegans the comfort of knowing that all their essential vitamins are taken care of, leaving them to concentrate on their busy lives.”


I decided to film myself trying the sweets – whoops, I mean multi vitamins, live on Instagram, to let people see my genuine reaction. I was sweetly surprised that these vegan vitamins were even chewier than I expected and very tasty! They have such a squidgy texture that kids will go crazy for and being a big kid myself, I had to put the packet back in its recyclable box to stop me from gobbling all the gummies up in one go! I feel confident when I say that your little ones won’t have an issue when it is ‘time to take their vitamin’ and it’s likely that they will pester you for their daily dose of gummy goodness. Creators of Vegums say they “contain natural ingredients…and no more than a pinch of natural sugar.” We have come a long way since needing a ‘spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down’! 

So, what is inside? Squished inside each squidgy delight is Vitamin B6, Folic acid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D2, Selenium and Iodine. This is a perfect blend of extra nutrients to compliment a plant-based diet, especially if you have trouble getting your little ones to eat a variety of veggies. They are also handy for busy adults who sometimes end up on a ‘grab and go’ diet – guilty.


You get 60 multi-vitamins in the ‘Multivitamins starter pack’ for £12.95 which includes the eco-friendly reusable metal tin! The refill pack is £22.95 (120 multi-vitamins) or you can even pay a subscription and get them sent to your door repeatedly (£9.95 for adults or £4.98 for children). It’s a sweet deal if you ask me!


The recommended daily dose:

Adults – Two capsules per day

Children (3 years and over) – One capsule per day


Click here to head over to their website and follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. If you LOVE them as much as we do, make sure you leave them a lovely review so we can get Vegums going global! I am only on my first day having had just the two capsules, but I will keep you posted on how I find them via the Grow Up Vegan social media channels.


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