Bird Box Star Vivien Lyra Blair Proves Meat-Eater Memes Wrong!

February 7, 2019


The Netflix film Bird Box flew around our homes very quickly, but were the cast and producers ready for the staggering amount of micky-taking memes swooping across social media? Meat eaters were mocked by humorous vegan memes using still shots of the serious and emotive scenes with blindfolded Sandra Bullock, Vivien Lyra Blair and Julian Edwards, with captions such as "when you try to show meat eaters where their food comes from".


It gave vegan meme makers some pretty useful materials and had us all giggling for days, but who has the last laugh? PETA has just released an interview of little star Vivien Lyra Blair, telling us that she has been vegetarian since birth and loves animals! 



Vivien explains "my eyes were covered in Bird Box, but I always look out for animals" before going on to tell us she is vegetarian. She even promotes healthy eating within the video, expressing her love of fruit and veggies which probably shows up some of us grown ups, with her great attitude towards trying new greens. Vivien made it clear that she is "still working on liking spinach more" - what an inspiration. 


She may not be vegan (yet) but with that sort of attitude, along with her compassionate lifestyle, rescuing pet cats, pleaing others to do the same and making a statement of wanting to make the world a better place, I think it is only a matter of time before Vivien will be saying "you should Grow Up Vegan" to other children. Here's hoping! 


Vivien, we would love you to take the next step and be a little vegan showing the world how to love animals even more. Us vegans are always here to help and support you to take that leap. Here are our child friendly Go Vegan pages you can have a look through and a dedicated Vegan Kids page.


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