Vegan Honey Flapjack Recipe and Method

May 16, 2018


Hey guys! So I got some new Vegan Honea by Plant Based Artisan and I really wanted to do something creative with it...Flapkacks! OK so not the most creative, but definitely tasty! Here is the Recipe, Method and the video! I made three different types that you can choose from to have a go! Make sure you tag me in your flapjack pictures when you give it a go! Have fun! 


100g Butter (I use vitalite and get it from Tesco)

100g sugar (or coconut nectar if you have it!)

100g Vegan honea (I used Plant Based Artisans - Its incredible!)

200g porridge oats (Tesco organic porridge oats)

50g 'add ins' Vegan choc chips, fruit, nuts, you choose! 



Preheat the oven to 180 degrees 

Measure out ingredients 

Melt butter sugar and honey in saucepan 

Add oats 

Add extra bits 

Line baking tray 

Pour flapjack mixture on tray and spread evenly 1.5cm - 2cm thick 

Place in oven 20 minutes

Take out and let set



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