Brinsley Animal Rescue - The Loose Goose

May 7, 2018

It was Brinsley Animal Rescue's open day last weekend and it did not fail to disappoint. Even with the weather having been drizzly, they opened as many areas as possible and had a great selection of vegan foods, both sweet and savoury- so of course I was happy! What made me ecstatic was of course the rescued animals! 


I met some amazing rescued animals along with some amazing volunteers who devote their own time to care for them. The animals range from rabbits to a huge blind bull named Boris! I am now friends with Boris on Facebook obviously.


Here is a picture of me potentially getting a little too close to his horns to try and get a didn't work. I chickened out and went to try and get a selfie with the chickens instead...they were also a bit tricky to take a selfie with as it turns out! I did get a picture with a little piggy but it was mostly me trying not to squeal because he was so playful in his pen!


My favourite cuddle of the day was with the little lamb. Just call me Mary because in that moment I seriously thought it was mine to have! Me and my VGang felt like we were in heaven when a lovely volunteer offered to take us across the (somewhat muddy) fields and venture to see the biggest piggy I have ever seen, the goats and....THE DREADED GEESE!


Now before I tell you this story, I had better give you the back story of the Bob, the Blind Goose. Well in fact, his name sort of explains! He is blind in one eye, and with that, he is extra protective of himself. We were advised to walk in with our backs facing away, to present ourselves as being much bigger if he comes over and to keep an eye on this one eyed wally. We did this, it was fine, a little scary, but fine. So fine in fact, that by the time we had seen the chickens, extra big pig and the goats, I had totally forgotten about the 'no walking without having your back facing away from Bob the blind Goose' rule. Enters the loose Goose! 


Charging towards me with a titled head, the world slowed into an action movie motion- it was all very dramatic. Jordan SteVen (check out his YouTube channel as some footage of this is surely to make its way there soon) did as he was told and made himself look like a giant. I on the other hand, well I decided to leg it. Fight or flight? I fly! With that split moment decision came a trail of events I just was not prepared for. My left shoe flung off, my right shoe got suctioned into the mud...I was bare foot and barely able to move after such an ordeal - OK I quite possibly, may be exaggerating now. I did lose my shoes though, and I did have mud pies in place of feet, but it was extremely funny! I spent a few more minutes with some piggies; Feeling extra connected with them, with us all treating our trotters to a pig poo pedicure and then I was on my way...obviously needing to be piggybacked by my friend Ross, who runs the Derby/Nottingham Anonymous for the voiceless group, down the muddy field before being hosed down by the volunteer. Thanks to my lovely friends who helped retrieve my shoes, protect me from being pecked (it wouldn't have even hurt!), and carried me like a mud queen to safety!

To summarise...wear wellies. Ha-Ha no, no, to summarise properly, this day was fantastic and what the team do here is absolutely incredible. If you want to support them but are not local you can, sponsor an animal, look at the animals that are in need of a good home, or donate. They do such a good job, but it's all down to the generosity of kind people who want to make a difference.


Thank you so much to everyone at Brinsley Animal Rescue, I had a day I will never forget!


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