Save the bees with Plant Based Artisan Vegan Honea

March 29, 2018

I am lucky enough to have bee-n sent all three of Plant Based Artisans Vegan Honea while I was buzzing around Spain on holiday. It is quite literally honey with a difference and that difference is not just down to the spelling. It is of course cruelty free and causes no harm to the planet with all recyclable packaging, or to bees. In fact, bees aren’t involved at all, but a good honey related pun here and there may still drizzle its way through to this article, after all I have got to bee myself and do my own sting– see I can’t help it. The founder Alex, wanted to see more vegan food products without any compromises being made to taste, and I am more than happy to have tried, tasted, dipped, drizzled, spooned and spread my way through the honea to reach a firm conclusion that he has definitely created something cruelty free without compromising taste! Read on for full review…


Orange Blosson Vegan Honea

I basically had an instant flashback to my non vegan childhood when this vegan Honea on toast met my lips. It was like biting into the real deal, Honey with a hint of orange marmalade! It is so naturally fresh and I definitely was using "getting the taste" as a complete excuse for taking bite after bite in about 10 seconds flat. Be warned - this Honea will have you ignoring the '30 chews' rule! The freshness seemed to make me sink into my Spanish surroundings even more and I think it will forever hold a 'taste of Spain' in my mind with its fresh fruity tones. It was the nicest slice of toast I have had in a long time and I think, I dare even say...its beaten my usual avo on toast combo! Ouch I bet that one stung a few readers! You know what they say though Honea cures the itch! 


Lavender Vegan Honea

Unusually my favourite scent is lavender and yet this is the first time I have tasted lavender - If this Honea is anything to go by, I now know I have been depriving myself for years; either that or Plant Based Artisan have really set the bar high and done the lavender plant proud! It is a perfect balance of sweetness with a floral flavour. I added it to my Vegan yogurt that I have often and it was a total game changer. I don't know if I am now sad that my yogurt will be boring without it, or if I am ecstatic that I have made something I love even better! 


Fennel Vegan Honea

This one is by far the most like for like with your usual Hive making Honey. It is earthy, less sweet and had me thinking of pairing it up with savoury dishes. It seems to linger for longer and by the time I had identified the lingering flavour of aniseed notes I had eaten all my toast again! I plan on experimenting more with this one as an ingredient rather than a tasty compassionate condiment like the fruitier ones. Keep a look out for my YouTube videos to find out how I use it! 


All in all I think they are a complete success and if you were once a honey suckling sucker before going Vegan, then these are an absolute must have! They really aren't a honey alternative, they stand alone being a new and improved kind of kinder honea, that tastes better, is better for you and makes you feel good about not causing cruelty to our very much loved and needed bees! Both the bees and me have been doing a waggle dance about these jars of joy! Click the flavours above to go through and purchase from Plant Based Artisan and follow them on Instagram too. 


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