LABL Vegan Fair Liverpool Exclusive Interview

March 13, 2018

Its only a week away until the LABL (live a better life) vegan fair in Liverpool, on Saturday 24th March...I would love to be telling you right now, that I cannot wait to go too and be a guest speaker, but clumsy Claire over here double booked and isn't even in the same country! I don't know how I let this happen, I am contemplating getting helicoptered in...I can dream! That doesn't mean you have to miss out though and you can tell me all about it! Upon my accidental let down moment, I caught up with Emma from LABL and not only sorted out talking at their next awesome fair in September, but I asked a few questions that I can share with you all! So lets delve in and get the (dairy free) scoop! 


How did LABL begin?

"With four vegans from Liverpool who dreamt and talked about creating special days in Liverpool where vegans and vegan-curious people can spend time in a vegan wonderland, of delicious food and cruelty free products. Plus find information about protecting animals, their own health, the environment and helping others!"


That does sound like a vegan wonderland! How amazing that four friends came together and created such a positive place for people. Have you done anything else? 
"We helped launch 'Human Kindness Vegan Food Bank' last September. England and Wales now have a dedicated vegan food bank, offering nutritious vegan food, toiletries and even feeding companion animals. This came about as we had heard many stories about vegans in financial difficulties through our events and wanted to help"


Find out more about that by clicking HERE



Wow! It sounds like you are an absolute vegan dream team, helping in every way possible. What are your future plans for LABL?

"Last year we ran a student vegan event, specifically to encourage more students to consider veganism. We are now doing three events in 2018 with our November event being Christmas themed!"


Christmas themed!!! Okay Okay, before I start getting too excited in Spring about your Christmas event in November, I will rein the sleigh back in! What's going to be happening at next weeks event?

"It's on Saturday 24th of March in St George's Hall, Liverpool and will be featuring 130 stalls of food, drink, health, beauty, fashion, campaigns, cookery demos, talks and more! There is always a real buzz in the atmosphere with thousands of people exploring and interacting"

I am genuinely so annoyed that I am going to miss this! So I don't feel totally left out and grumpy, could you recommend my readers and I ways to live by your motto of living a better life? Besides being vegan of course!


"Avoiding chemical-laden products and 'healthcare'. The oil industry sells their waste products to hide in everything from shampoo to painkillers. They do so much harm to people, animals and our environment. Natural preventative healthcare through good nutrition and natural beauty, personal care, and cleaning products can protect all that is precious!"


So very true, we all really need to dig up the dirt and avoid what is harmfully hidden! Talking of digging up, can you tell us any exclusive LABL news?

"Yes! Next year we are planning to launch a big vegan party with food and live entertainment"


Now that is something I promise I will not miss! 


I seriously cant wait to speak at the Septembers LABL event but you guys don't have to wait until then like I do! Go and enjoy everything they have worked so hard on putting together for us and have a great time.


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