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December 17, 2017


Yesterday I joined my local anonymous for the voiceless group for the cube social outreach workshop in Derbyshire and I realised that just like the Rubik’s cube, all problems can be solved! The cube of truth have demonstrations worldwide, intriguing passerby’s with an artistic and curious cube, displaying the truth on screens held by activists making a positive difference for the world we all share.


I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the cube social outreach group but I went knowing that I want to be more of an active activist and see what it is all about! The night didn’t disappoint, I met and made many new friends, as you know us vegans are always a friendly bunch! I listened and learned from some fantastic public speakers, ate some beautiful food and even won a raffle prize! Like I said - far from being a disappointment! 


First up on the Mic was the lovely Jordan from The UK Vegan Campout who told everyone about next years event! Tickets are going quick so go and grab them while you can. This Year’s had me being a seriously happy camper! Check out my post on it here! 


Next we listened to a group from the local Animal Save who really opened my eyes up to the incomprehensible amount of animals slaughtered on a daily basis. Another group proving that we must be the voice for the voiceless! 


I got to hear beautiful spoken words from Epi Vegan who shares his views through sharing his food and I already plan on cooking to convince! 


Tim Shieff who never fails to be inspiring really spoke some home truths and focussed his attention on how it’s always important for us vegans to remember to look after ourselves as well as trying to save the world! 


And to round up the truth telling talks we listened to members of the Anonymous for the voiceless group who then taught us techniques on handling those challenging meat eater moments we are all faced with. 


After listening and learning so many seriously helpful skills our stomachs all started to be as loud as the applauds and so of course we ate! Thanks to the Carnero Loung we all had what felt like a festive feast especially when finishing with gifts...well raffle prizes! I was lucky enough to end the evening with winning a UK Vegan Campout Tee that I will absolutely be wearing during the winter because...I’m inpatient!


You can learn more about how to get involved and find your local group here!


Lastly I want to say a big Thank you to Ross Hammond who started the Derbyshire cube of truth and everyone else involved in making last night an event to remember! 

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