Halloween Treats Are A Trick

October 31, 2017

It's Halloween and all the kids are gearing up to score some sweeties by giving their neighbors the ultimatum of either receiving a trick or giving a treat, but as I was thinking of cute Halloween Instagram posts that the vegan kiddies and parents will love, suddenly the famous question "Trick or Treat?" turned from being an innocent child's fun ultimatum, to me questioning just how we can call these sweets 'treats' at all! Trick or.......treat? 


Believe me I love a good treat for myself, whether that be a beauty treatment or a sweet tooth treat but I would never consider calling these treats if it were at the expense of someone else's happiness, suffering or life! Imagine that - "Oh I'm just off to get my nails done. The beautician is using her cats claws to do my cuticles, paws to buff them up, fur to dust them off and blood to make them shiny...but it's my treat so that's fine" 


Although sounding quite far-fetched sweets and chocolate are no exception. The secret ingredient of these so called yummy gummy sweets - Gelatine. Gelatine is made from animals skin and bone which ironically sounds very Halloween like, but surely were dressing up to have festive fun and mock play baddies, not to actually be the scary animal killing monsters in real life!



When it comes to chocolate I'm sure some will think "but that's not made by animals body parts so that's fine!" well if you think it is 'fine' to impregnate a cow, take away her baby, take her milk away from that baby, use it for human consumption instead and then kill her for meat when she is deemed as no good for dairy anymore, then we aren't going to agree soooo...I respectively suggest you simply scroll on up to the right hand corner and click the little 'x' symbol without any fuss.


A huge 1.9 billion dollars is spent on Halloween candy in the US every year which is approximately 600 million pounds in weight! The amount of pain and suffering that is going on behind the scenes of these sweets is unreal and to put in plainly we've been tricked when it comes to treats!


O.K so what do you do? You have kids knocking on your door demanding doses of sugar and you aren't really in a position to deny them, what with the trick part of this tradition! It's simple - buy vegan sweets! There are so many vegan sweets out there - some by accident and some very much so intentionally vegan options. I opt for the consciously compassion companies like Goody Good Stuff`s vegan gummy sweets. I got my last pack from Holland & Barrett but you can get them from some Tesco's too! Then you have the free from chocolate buttons that are sold in almost every Grocery store I go to.


Basically it's pretty easy these days not to be tricked by the treat or by the trick-or-treaters! Go out and grab some goodies that don't harm others and have a truly happy Halloween! Share your Vegan Halloween fun with me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and follow Grow Up Vegan on Youtube too! Subscribe above for more articles like this one! #GrowUpVegan

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