Vegan Posts Come With A Warning

September 21, 2017


I admittedly am one of those vegans that often avoids the videos that show animals being slaughtered. I've seen what happens, I'm fully aware, and I don't feel that I quite need a daily dose of this to keep me motivated on my vegan mission. I do however fully support that these videos need to be circulated and seen by all in order for everyone to know what goes on behind closed doors, or rather caged bars!


I was scrolling through my Instagram feed as usual a few days ago and instead of quickly flicking by one of the videos I would normally just read the caption of, like, and move on, I was honestly more horrified by the blurred still shot that was covering the post than the actual video itself. (post by @vegan_universe Video by @Peta2)


"Sensitive Content" in bold writing with a sub-header "This video contains sensitive content which some people may find offensive or disturbing"


My mind immediately went into vegan animal activist mission mode and I played out an entire argument in my head with Instagram (obviously a man who has an Instagram icon in place of a head), before putting my phone down and trying to put it out of my mind. It was only hours later that I scrolled through my Facebook feed when - yes, that's right, the Sensitive content warning on a vegan page video showed up there too! What is going on?! Why are we protecting people who consume meat and dairy from the process of how it is made?


I understand that these videos aren't enjoyable to watch - but they are the truth. They are not of random acts of violence, street fights, or disturbing graphic imagery of a unusual situation. They are the complete truth and a real insight to how non-vegans 'food' is made. Something that happens every single day around the world. So why is this such a sensitive subject?


The common phrase "Ignorance is bliss" springs to mind! Meat eaters and dairy drinkers need to stay ignorant to this awful reality so their blissful burger eating bubble isn't popped! However I have a theory...or a prediction maybe - another well used phrase "curiosity kills the cat" may come into play here. Placing a warning image over a video only triggers a human to want to see whats behind it, what is hiding beyond the blur? We are naturally curious and just like a child wanting to push boundaries and explore, I think that this warning will only entice more people to want to be in on the secret that lies behind the sensitive security.


I saw a fantastic post (thanks for sharing @coby_linder)that sums this up very well. It said "You say being vegan is extreme, but when I search how your "food" is produced, I see graphic content warning"


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