Hardcore Chia

August 14, 2017

Two sunny souls from the south realised that drinking Chia is incredibly good for you, and these silly little seeds are in fact a hardcore health must have! Most of us have been sprinkling them over our lunch, or splashed a spoonful in our drinking water, but Hardcore Chia have shaken things up with their seed sachets and created something ex-seed-ingly scrumptious! Each tiny hard cored seed is crammed with protein, fiber, omega-3, antioxidants, plus vitamins and minerals! Drinking Chia seeds everyday got a tad tedious so they wanted to mix up some magic and made a 100% raw, super tasting, super-food drink, that has minimal prep in this fast paced modern world! 


PREPARATION (1 minute)

Put one sachet (Chia seeds and superfood mix) into shaker.

Pour your favourite plant based milk (300-400ml) over it.

Shake and leave for 5 minutes.

Shake again and enjoy!



For those of you who haven't experienced the texture of Chia seeds in a drink then it may come as quite a surprise, but definitely one worth embracing! The small seeds get a little jelly coating around them, turning a usual drink into a textured treat. 



Ingredients: Cocoa, Blueberry (freeze dried), Coconut Flower Extract, Flaxseed, Psyllium Husk.

The appearance of the drink itself was something to take in as well as the smell and taste. Flashes of purple flickered through the earthy cocoa colour and upon closer inspection of my dreamy drink, the smell of chocolate triggered my sweet tooth. I added Alpro`s Original Oat Milk to the pure cocoa blend and it worked wonderful well. I could taste bursts of blueberry tones through the prominent cocoa flavour making a healthy shake seem more like a naughty treat.


Ingredients: Coconut, Wild Cherry (freeze dried), Coconut Flower Extract, Flaxseed, Psyllium Husk.
Hardcore Chia pro-seed-ed to surprise my eyes with a tropical mocktail like appearance. Glimpses of red shone through the neutral coloured natural drink and made my mind wander to a beach once I breathed in the scent of coconut. I added Alpro's Original Coconut Milk which added to the summer smoothie sense of the drink. The sweetness of the cherry really shines through the consistent coconut fresh flavouring. Its truly a tropical taste sensation.


Think outside of the minimalist eco box (that they get sent in) with these seeds because they can be so much more than even a tasty shake. Tested, Tried, Tasted and ticked off the list of things to do with Hardcore Chia are Chia pudding, adding to Porridge's, smoothies, protein meals and even making Chia muffin or Chia ice-cream! 


Hardcore Chia wanted to provide us with an easy way to add Chia seeds into our diet whilst living in these modern times and I'd say they have well and truly suc-seed-ed! They have another two fantastic blends to try, Ginger Cinnamon and Vanilla Pineapple which sound yummy! Make sure to like and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I'm sure they would love to see you living your Hardcore healthy Lifestyle!


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