Speaking at VegFest UK Bristol

June 19, 2017


So I did my very first public speakers talk at no other than VegFestUK Bristol! What an event to start at. They had over 10,000 visitors, 20 caterers, 180 stalls and 50 different entertainers and speakers - including me! So here is a quick download on how it went...


My talk was on the Vegan Mission - Children are the future. Of course I was going to use this time to really try and embed just how important the children of today are. They are the future and if we want a vegan future then they are who we should be focused on educating - makes sense right? My role in all this - to encourage all vegan adults to be vegan educators to the younger generations.


I got a really great and enthusiastic response from the crowd. My friend Shaun who runs the Nottingham Speaking Academy taught me, leading up to the event, how to read an audience; the smiles, nods and even laughter all helped me along my talk and reinforced that I am onto something here. So listen up adults - its our responsibility to teach the young. Lets stop the innocent unconditioned children of today from living in such a conflicted vegan/non-vegan society in the future. Lets normalise veganism - lets Grow Up Vegan!


Besides rambling onto an audience for a good 40 minutes, I wandered around the event before and after and was so pleased to see the amount of families attending. A massive well done to VegFest for putting on entertainers that were there purely for the vegan kiddies! I was so spoiled by amount of food and drink options - to name them all would be a complete food envy tease but I can assure you, my nose was being pulled one way whilst my eyes were off in the other direction. I could have easily gone bankrupt from buying vegan food. So a word to the wise, take some pennies so you can indulge and support the vegan industry too!


I`m already excited about VegFest`s next event which is VegFest London 21st, 22nd October 2017 and then VegFest Brighton 24th, 25th 2018! Click here to get involved! 


Before I leave you to have a look at the full talk below, I want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Alan from VegFest who put up with my every question leading up to the day and has become another wonderful Vegan friend of mine :) 


For more videos head over to my YouTube Channel and follow Grow Up Vegans Instagram and Twitter! #GrowUpVegan




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