Baby N'anya Exclusive Interview - Vegan Baby Shoes!

April 24, 2017


Guiding your babies and raising them to Grow Up Vegan doesn't just mean monitoring what they eat as you know. Veganism is a lifestyle and Baby N'anya have paved the way so your babies can take their first steps in the cutest Vegan shoes! Grow Up Vegan have stepped into the world of Baby N'anya to bring you this exclusive interview. Let me walk you through it... 

Your shoes are adorable as well as practical AND vegan! How did Baby N’anya shoes begin?

Thank you:-) When my daughter started crawling, I found myself looking for shoes without any leather material pretty much everywhere. I wanted a shoe that would be comfortable, easy to clean, well-designed and manufactured by a reliable factory.Time and time again, my search for the perfect shoes led nowhere, but I found something else along the way - a deep desire for creating an entirely new product for the purest creatures on Earth - And so I decided that I'm going to start my own line of baby soft shoes. Baby N’anya is the product of all of these thoughts and represents the idea that we can spread love throughout the world with pure intentions and cruelty-free products.

Your shoes truly come from a place of compassion! When did you become vegan? And are you raising your own to Grow Up Vegan?

I became vegan 6 years ago after my husband and I watched a lecture about the factory farming food industry. I have 3 kids, my oldest was kind of born vegan, he never ate meat in his life. He also barley ate eggs and chicken. Half a year after my second kid was born we became vegan and the third one was 100% vegan from birth. When I was a child there wasn't as much awareness as we have today, I truly feel blessed that I have the knowledge of raising my kids on a healthy vegan diet and teaching them that compassion starts with being aware to all living beings on earth.


It makes sense that little innocent kiddies wear innocent peaceful shoes; do you try and get this message across when promoting your products?

First of all I'm promoting compassion before I'm selling just the shoes. I'm trying to show parents that you can choose consciously without making any compromises. I advertise love and compassion and by that I'm showing parents that we can choose differently without harming any creatures. I truly believe that people don't make the connection between what they eat or what they wear and where it actually comes from - the understanding that before it became food or shoes it was actually made from a living being, a harmless animal.

Like Paul McCartney said : “If Slaughterhouses had Glass Walls, Everyone Would be Vegetarian”


Agreed! Grow Up Vegan has a lot of UK subscribers, am I right In saying you can ship your shoes to us over here?

Absolutely! We are shipping worldwide trying to reach as many parents as we can. 


Fantastic - Get your orders in guys! Most babies shoes on the market are sadly made from leather, are you wanting to change this?

This is the reason I started Baby N'anya, to increase the awareness of vegan shoes/clothing industry. We've got to the point that vegan food and restaurants are becoming more and more popular and even the vegan apparel for adults increased a lot in the last year, but still we have a lack of vegan options for babies and kids, especially when it comes to shoes. 


Hopefully Baby N'anya will lead the march for the Vegan Baby shoes industry! Some parents may question if babies need more “supportive leather” shoes – how would you reassure them that it’s not the case?

In our case, wearing our shoes is like walking bear feet so our main concern is to use flexible material as much as we can while keeping the baby/toddler feet stable yet feel soft and comfy even more than with leather materials :-)


The shoes you have are so cute! Who comes up with the lovely designs?

I have a professional designer that I work with. We both came up with the idea, I tell her what I have in mind and she design the animals accordingly. We're using a 3D technique and bringing it to real life takes a lot of work.

Hard work and a passion for change is all you need! What vegan materials do you use to make the shoes?

For our current line we've been using PU leather for the shoe and rubber material for the sole. for our next line we'll have a few models that will be made of the same materials and some models that will introduce a new material that we haven't used before, we are keeping it as a surprise :-) You'll have to keep following us to find out what it is. We plan to launch the new line up this summer.


I will be watching this space! Could we possibly see a full baby vegan clothing and shoe range from Baby N’anya one day?

I would love to expand our vegan line to clothing as well and hope one day it will happen. I can see vegan babies or toddlers wearing our shoes and our cutie clothing saying- “we love Animals”


I can see that dream one day being a reality for sure! What have you got planned for the future? Any exclusives to tell?

We already have our new line waiting to be produced, we just need to finish some final touch ups.

We do think about adding clothing and of course to continue spreading the love and compassion to all the living creatures on Earth, hoping that one day we will have peace between human beings and animals as well, so animals will no longer live in captivity and will be free!

Baby N'anya may be talking baby steps towards a peaceful and compassionate world with their Vegan shoes but every journey starts with a single step and what they have done so far is incredible. Lets change what footprint our children has on the earth! Here is the website! Check them out on Instagram and Facebook too! 




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