How To Check the Fur Is Really Faux!

April 18, 2017

It has recently come to light that some of the faux fur we are buying are in fact far from fake! Items were taken from the high street and independent market stalls, such as last seasons fashion fix pom pom hats and tested in a lab, resulting in findings of real fur from, raccoons, rabbits, dogs, foxes, minks to cats! Items found in non fur supporting high street retailers were immediately removed and investigations are underway - but better to be safe than sorry! So here are my top tips on how to check your fur is really faux!


1. Identify the base of the fur

If it is faux fur the base that it is attached to will be a material webbing, if it is real it will be animals skin. Below is a picture of one of my own faux fur items to show you how the webbing looks. 

2. The Strand Test

A faux fur strand of 'hair' should be blunt on the ends, as if having a recent hair cut! Animals hair will taper and get thinner at the ends - however this isn't a test to be done singularly as some real fur can be chopped and made to look blunt - check that webbing too!


3. Let It Burn

Seems a little odd to tell you to set alight a new piece of clothing but this test can really tell the difference. Pluck a few strands of the hairs out of the item and burn them with a match or lighter* If the hairs melt then you know its synthetic material, if the hairs singe like hair, then you know its sadly the real deal. 


4. Don't Rely On The Touch Test

Some on the faux synthetic fibers on the market today are so soft that it would take a complete professional to tell them apart. Unfortunately we can no longer trust our touch.


5. Labels Lie

Checking the label to see what materials are used seems like the go to answer but recent news confirms that we can't. Not only that, labels only have to state 80% of the material so what you thought was a faux fur trim on a coat because the label doesn't state fur, could in fact once have been the coat for an animal. Accessories do not even legally have to state the materials used so bags, shoes and other bits can easily be cleverly sold causing no concern to the consumer. 


I really hope this has cleared up some confusion and helped towards keeping fur where it belongs - on the living animals! Don't be fooled and follow these rules! 

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*always get an adult to conduct this test. Grow Up Vegan is not responsible for any damage to your items and the advise given here is to be taken at your own risk and responsibility. 

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