Five Fave Vegan Easter Eggs

April 10, 2017

Easter is just around the corner and Grow Up Vegan wants you to have an eggcellent time without feeling left out of the chocolatey fun! So we have hunted out the best Vegan Eggs this year that will definitely make you feel hoppy - whoops I mean happy! 


First to be found was the Tesco Own brand eggs! They are on the top of my list because I just love that they aren't leaving it up to the Vegan Bunny to do all the hard work and have made not one but a full Free From Vegan Range of eggs! They have created three animal cruelty free eggs, 'choc', 'white choc', and a Tesco Finest eggs-travagant Caramel egg! My personal fave was the white choc egg with coins, its yummy! It gets even better, the choc eggs are just £2.50 and the Tesco Finest is £3.50 which is more than fine with me! Totting up to £8.50 if you want them all - that is less than one egg alone in some cases and you get the added feel good factor knowing you haven't contributed to the dark side of this bright and sunny spring day! 



Next up has to be the committed Moo Free Chocolates! They serve us well year in and year out and I think they must have made a deal with the Easter bunny himself because they just get better and better! They have the original organic chocolate egg, a bunnycomb egg and a cheeky orange egg! I can`t tell you my favourite because I cant decide, they all egg-cite my taste buds! I got each egg from Holland & Barrett for £4.99 - yes a little more than Tesco's own, but they are award winning eggs after all! 

The Golden Bunny has caught everyone's eye and I am so pleased that finally the famous Lindt Chocolate Easter bunny represents a animal cruelty free lifestyle! You're guaranteed chocolatier perfection with this one although I wasn't able to to try it out because I couldn't find it on the high-street. The only place to get it online that I found was on Very in a pack of three with the milk chocolate ones - I wasn't willing to put my pennies to that purchase. Lindt have made a vegan bunny by mistake but I think if we show the want for it, by next year we will see these bunny's hopping all over the shop! Us Vegans are hard to egg-nore!


Green & Blacks have created an all things green egg with their Mint Dark Chocolate Easter Egg this year. Probably another accidental vegan product but hey - it tastes great, its on our shelves and can get in our bellies without harming animals so I am happy to hunt for this one! It is £6.59 and makes for a perfect moo-less minty moment! 

Last but certainly not least are the Hotel Choclat Range, coming in all shapes and sizes! and ranging from £2.00 with the Rabbert Dark Tiddly Pots to £15.00 for a 'Hard Boiled' 100% or 70% dark chocolate egg! I am not yolking with you when I say all shapes and sizes - they even have an egg shaped like a sandwich in a sandwich box! 

Picking five individual eggs was near impossible, the shops are filling up with choices now and Its cracking! I love that little vegans can join in the fun and not feel left out anymore! As a young-ish vegan when I first changed my lifestyle my mum searched high and low and was only able to find one vegan egg online. How the world has changed! Don't be a chicken and let me know what your fave vegan eggs are! Tweet us, Follow us on Instagram, Subscribe to YouTube and make sure you subscribe to the blog for more fun articles!




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