Meat Should Come With A Warning

March 30, 2017


Its been quite a quiet story in the general media that Red and Processed meat causes cancer considering how much we want to eliminate this disease. It of course flies around vegan social accounts but generally this has been brushed under the carpet along with cows milk containing blood and puss, and all male chicks being killed immediately after birth. Cancer is spoken of constantly - we run for cancer, race, research, bungee jump, shave our heads and pump billions into charities that help - so why are we ignoring such an obvious cancer cause? Here is why I think meat should come with a warning!

When we hear processed meat, we immediately think of the meat crammed into cans that has been mechanically reformed and has been really messed around with, but that's not the case. You may be surprised to learn that 'processed meat' is any meat that has been modified in order to either improve its taste or extend shelf life. Some simple methods include salting, curing, fermentation and smoking. Now that is pretty scary because suddenly what people think they are avoiding at all costs is in fact a daily diet contributor for so many. Maybe the word 'processed' at least needs to be printed on packaging in order for people to stay clear of this cancer causer! 


Researchers haven't just simply stated that Red meat and processed meat causes cancer - it has been officially classified as carcinogenic to humans...not sure what that is? Well the word literally translates to 'having the potential to cause cancer' so on what scale is it? They have classified Red meat as Group 2A and processed meat as Group 1 - the same as smoking!! 


Let's get this straight! Smoking and eating meat that has flavour is classified in the same cancer causing category, and we feed children this? Imagine seeing a mother hand her child a cigarette - the world would be in uproar, she would be on the news, talked off, tarnished even! The same mother hands her child a processed chicken nugget - no one reacts. Make the link!

Meat needs warning labels! Smokers are accepting the dangers after being fully educated and warned from the packaging labels, TV and radio adverts all highlighting how bad smoking is. It can't be one rule for one and one for the other as the old saying goes! Lets get meat labelled and stop cancer! Let us know what you think about this on Instagram and Twitter. Subscribe to YouTube and to this blog for more articles.



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