Top Vegan Kids Snacks

March 29, 2017


Following on from my 'Snacks are Life' themed blog last week, I thought I’d hit you up with our fave and best ‘throw it in my bag’ eats. I’ve checked, double checked and checked again and they’re all VEGAN SAFE choices and… PALM OIL FREE! I have linked all the super snacks so you can find them easily too! I've done the hard work, so you don’t have to!...You’re welcome :) 

Something Fruity


Bear Nibbles Yoyos:

Not only a ‘one of your day’ super awesome fruit roll but comes with collectable cards with all kinds of interesting information. A snack and something to read for a few minutes. DOUBLE WIN! You can get these bad boys in Café Nero should you find yourself in a snack-needing sitch while out and about…


Naturelly Jelly Juice pouches:

Just started buying these and man alive we are burning through them quick! I should think in the summer you could bung them in the freezer and chuck them in a bag for later to keep them nice and cold. Use our Grow Up Vegan GUV10 code at the checkout and get 10% off them!


Feels Like a Treat


Nakd Bars

Any of them. All of them. Bakewell ones. Cocoa crunch ones. Carrot cake ones. We are big fans if you hadn’t guessed…


Kallo Mini Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes: 

They come wrapped in portions of six, 4 to a pack. Big fave for small and big people alike in our house.


Savoury Vibes


Sunbites Crackers:

Lightly salted version are vegan. Small enough bag that I’d happily let her scoff the lot in one go.

Tesco bags of Mini Bread Sticks. They do a box with six bags in. All children like bread sticks right?? Awesome teamed with those individual pots of hummus or VioLife cream cheese if you can scoop a little out into a tub.

I’m a big fan of using teeny tiny Sistema dip/dressing pots from John Lewis that have screw on lids and loading them with dippables to balance out a snack a little more. We like almond butter, peanut butter, refried beans (anyone who follows my girl on insta - @thatveganchild will know she’s borderline obsessed with refried beans…) and VioLife. You can’t go wrong with fruit or veg. Apples, bananas and whole carrots are perfect snacks, though tend to go a little smooshy if you forget about them in the bottom of your bag. Ewwwww. 


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