Buying Vegan Products From Non-Vegan Companies

March 22, 2017

The question that seems to be looming is, do we support non vegan companies and buy from them - or boycott and support fully vegan businesses? This is something we are going to have to be asking ourselves more and more as the supermarket shelves are being filled with more Free From vegan goodies for us to choose from. Ethically what is right to do? It`s not just food either - even Dr Martens, the famous leather boot company, now have a full vegan boots range and I am pretty confused about if I should embrace this, get scarily excited and go on a shopping spree or take a step back and seek out fully vegan alternative companies? So here I go - lets figure this one out with a 'for' and 'against' argument!



1. Supporting non-vegan companies and buying there vegan products will further normalize veganism and make it more accepted by the general public.


2. It helps spread the vegan word! Lets face it - these huge companies like Flora, although still having products that contain Milk, they sure do help us out with there major 'powered by plants' advertising campaigns!


3. Increasing the sales of the companies vegan products will mean yet more vegan products being made for us to pick from! 


4. If were being brutally honest - some of these bigger companies of course have bigger funds, meaning better tasting products because of the money thrown at them. We cant lie about getting excited about the Ben & Jerry`s Non-Dairy range! 


5. It will contribute towards our goal of a vegan world in the future! 




1. Buying vegan products from a company that contributes to animal suffering feels ethically wrong for a vegan.


2. Supporting the bigger named brands doesn't help the new fully vegan companies that are starting out without ever having contributed to the problem the big companies have and are still doing!


3. We can't follow where our money goes and the sales of vegan products we buy potentially going towards milking a cow or harming any animal for that matter completely goes against our vegan lifestyle.


4. We know all of these major companies have the power to go fully vegan such as some that already have, so it feels more like we are supporting the companies profit margin and not the company ethos.


5. It sends out mixed messages and a lot of people are using 'vegan options' as an added healthy snack rather than a diet and lifestyle change!

Don`t say I didn't warn you about being pretty confused by this topic! Writing a list like this has made me come to a close conclusion though. I think going forward I am going to support fully vegan companies but buy from the 'part time' vegan companies when they are the only option available. Whether we like it or not, most of us have contributed in some way, even ordering the vegan option on a menu at a non-vegan restaurant is supporting a non-vegan company and I think we all do enough to warrant this. It doesn't mean that we are doing wrong! Refer back to the 'for' points I made and remind yourself of the good that this support does to! To summarise, buying vegan products from any company will contribute to veganism getting bigger and bigger - We are on our way to a vegan future and that is all that matters!


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