St Patrick's Pizza - Vegan

March 17, 2017


After feeling inspired by Saint Paddys Day, I decided to get creative in the kitchen and make the greenest most st patrick's day themed pizza possible! It was really easy to make and perfect for families to have fun in the kitchen with the vegan kiddies! Read on for the recipe and scroll down to watch the YouTube video! 


Pizza base mix 

Water (100ml) 

Pizza sauce 

Green Pepper (1) 

Green pesto (freefrom milk)

Cooked spinach (as much as you like!)

Kale (a good handful)

Vegan Cheese 

Pizza base tomato sauce



1. Preheat the oven to the stated temperature that's instructed on the pizza base packet. I used the Tesco pizza base mix (just add water) one and that said 200 degrees for a fan oven. 

2. Chuck the dried pizza base mix into a bowl and add 100ml of luke warm water, then mix, knead and role onto a lightly floured surface.

3. Pop the base onto a baking tray and spoon on the the pizza sauce - I put on around 3 table spoons leaving a half inch gap from the edge of the pizza base before folding it in to make a crust.

4. Then prep your toppings! Chop the peppers, break up the kale and sprinkle on, dollop the pesto on however you like, and grate as much cheese as you like and cover the pizza. My fave is Vio Life!

5. Pop it in the oven for around 10 minutes - just keep an eye on it! It's done, and delicious! 

It is as easy as that! Watch my YouTube video to see just how easy it is if you don't believe me ha-ha! It is a perfect quick, healthy, and fun Saint Patricks day themed meal for all to enjoy. Plus all the ingredients I got are from my local supermarket so it really is a case of calling in the shop, grabbing what you need, and enjoying the rest of your Saint Paddy's night! I really hope you have fun making it and be sure to Tweet me pictures of your own version, follow us on Instagram too! 




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