How To Leave The House With A Vegan Child (without a suitcase of food)

March 16, 2017

I’m not entirely sure that leaving the house for any length of time is easy with kids. Especially if you have more than just the one. If you’re walking anywhere, you probably need a micro scooter to make it super awesome (and a little less snails-pacey). If you’re going on some kind of vehicle you probably need copious Where’s Wally books or a wheelbarrow to carry all the colouring pens and magazines, and – if you’re staying out for more than an hour or two (who am I kidding, more than 20 minutes) – you’re going to need snacks. Snacks, snack and more snacks! 

I probably hear the word snack at least 48 times a day when we are in the house, and that seems to intensify ten fold the second we step off our drive. Most parents will throw a few cereal bars or a banana in a bag before they venture anywhere. Standard. But what about if you’re out longer and don’t want to carry your own body weight in Bear Yoyo’s on your back? Being out and about can leave me in a cold sweat – my small gets 'hangry' real fast (no idea who she gets that from) and quick and easy vegan food that she will A) like and B) is readily available out and about can be hard to come by! So here’s my guide to day-tripping or simply hitting the shops with a small, hungry vegan human without becoming a one-man snack vendor OR spending a fortune.

1. Google it.

Sounds obvious but if you’re heading out for the day to a new country park, museum or event, make sure you check what food is available there. Have a look at the on-site restaurant menu. If they do a jacket potato, chips or beans on toast chances are you can cut your carry load in half and grab a mix of home-brought food and treats from the café. It may not be a nutrient dense meal – but hey – it’s a one off.


2. If you’re near a supermarket head to the food to go section.

My go to’s include:

Carrots and hummus for one

Peanut butter and apple slices for one

Veggie samosa’s – loads of places do the single big ones within the lunch items

Mini veggie sushi packs

Fruit sushi


3. Have a Starbucks Coffee Break

If you are gagging for a caffeine hit then head to Starbucks, they have smoked almonds and Pop Chips – both are reasonably inexpensive plus they’ll do your smalls coconut milk babyccinos. Or if you order a soya or coconut hot chocolate with no cream you’re safe. All kids like hot chocolate no?


5. Grab a pretzel

If you can find one (follow the delicious smell) a pretzel vendor should have an option for you. We’ve had them from a couple of chain places in shopping centres or a street food vendor. Delicious, cheap and can be eaten on the move.


6. When you do need to take your own - pack wisely.

Take things that are wrapped up in small amounts or individual portions so you can avoid lugging tonnes of pots and tubs with you; thick skinned fruit is great. Nairn biscuits come in loads of sweet flavours (chocolate chip, mixed berries, apricot and oat) and are wrapped in threes or fives. Perfect to throw in your bag.

It sounds obvious but being prepared is key to making sure you don’t lose your sanity, don’t have to panic, buy expensive restaurant food every time you’re out, and to normalising the vegan way for our littleuns. Oh, and making you feel like the super human awesome vegan parent that you obviously are! Make sure you follow Grow Up Vegan on Instagram, and Tweet us pictures your out of the house kiddies snacks!


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