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February 25, 2017


Calling all grown up vegans! I need your help! I have a very important mission for you. As a grown up, and a vegan, you have a responsibility to educate the younger generations in veganism. This is my quest and I need you to make it yours too. If there is anything I have learnt about us vegans it is that we truly are a team who are all on the exact same mission! 


I noticed that all the vegan inspo posts flying around social media were not exactly child friendly. Yes - I know it is the harsh truth and it absolutely has a brilliant shock factor, turning thousands of meat eaters vegan on a regular basis - But I think we could teach the young without graphic images, without making them cry, and by talking of the positives! 


Of course we can warn them of the health risks of eating meat and dairy but that doesn't mean we need to use scare tactics, after all they're just kids who have been misinformed. Here are a few do`s and don`ts that really seem to work well! 



Tell them the truth when they ask questions 

Explain that all animals feel exactly the same

Be supportive and listen to what they have to say  



Use words like murder

Make them feel like they are doing anything wrong 

Force them to change 


I truly do believe the near future is going to become more and more vegan friendly. I go to many food events and the "free from" range is overflowing! Which is great, but wouldn't it be even better if the children knew exactly what it was all about and wanted to live a vegan lifestyle too! Check out my YouTube video below and feel free to leave comment! Children are the future! #growupvegan 




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