My best friend Chanel called me up and raved about a health and diet book she was reading. The Book was read within a week and my vegan Journey began - So really we all have the lovely and talented Chanel Cresswell to thank for Grow Up Vegan!


After activating and deactivating social accounts through frustration, this time around I avoided following fashion accounts that promote fur, cosmetic accounts that have products tested on animals, fitness profiles that promote endless eggs and meat as being healthy, and Vegan accounts that only showed graphic content - after all I am already vegan!

June 2016

With shops busting with Vegan goodies in the UK I really felt comfortable with my Vegan diet and lifestyle. It wasn't until I left to work in Spain that I realised that veganism still isn't on every map and it was time to try and make a difference myself!

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August 2016

I thought about exactly what it is I like to see on Vegan accounts, what message I think is most important and what I`m most passionate about - Grow Up Vegan began on Instagram! Quickly followed by a couple of trial and error YouTube videos (I promise they will get better!)

October 2016

After getting so much support from everyone on insta, Grow Up Vegan started tweeting too!

February 2017

The official Grow Up Vegan website was launched!



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