Going Vegan?


How to become vegan


If you have already come this far then you are well on your way to becoming vegan already! The biggest and most important factor to becoming vegan is you simply having the genuine want to live a healthy and compassionate vegan lifestyle. This means setting aside some study time. Educate yourselves! Here are some good ways to learn more to kick start your new lifestyle:

1. Read books

2. Watch documentaries

3. Watch some vegan bloggers on YouTube

4. Follow vegan accounts on social media

5. Subscribe to vegan blogs

Make sure to check out our resources section. I promise that after just one day of doing some vegan digging you will have a much better understanding and hopefully a new found want to be powered by plants!


How to stay motivated


It is important to stay motivated during the first month as this is the most difficult part but you can do it! A great resource is challenge 22, a 22 day free challenge with lots of advice and support that will keep you on track for the first part of your new journey. Keep in mind the main reasons you have decided to go vegan and if you need some encouragement you have the world at your fingertips on most smartphones now! Ask yourself what the main reason that motivated you to go vegan in the first place was. If it's the animals, follow social accounts about animals. If it was your health, do the same thing for that! Grow Up Vegan focuses on all the reasons to motivate everyone so be sure to follow us!


finding support


Don't be afraid to ask for help. Grow Up Vegan gets emails and direct messages everyday from people all over the world, and we are so happy to give people that bit of extra support and guidance they need! Feel free to message us on any platform.


Go to vegan events, restaurants and cafes! Coming from a village in the countryside, I have turned to the internet more than a few times to search for events where I can meet and talk to other vegans. You could also try some peaceful activism to meet like-minded people and spread to word too!


living with non vegans


Most vegans go through a stage of living with non-vegans, us included, and we must admit that it is quite upsetting to see animal products in the kitchen but it is useful to know how to deal with it. Most importantly...

Be Understanding

Understand that you were once a 'non-vegan' and they are simply in the same place you were. Understand they haven't educated themselves on all aspects of veganism so might not have made the connection yet. Understand that they are not bad people, they just do not see the bad in what they are doing. Being understanding shows you have great respect for others and you should receive this respect in return.


raising your children to Grow up vegan


So many people are now raising children to grow up vegan from birth and they are of course very healthy and happy vegan kids! You can read our vegan parenting blogs here. A shared regret us vegans all seem to have is that we were not vegan sooner, so giving our offspring the vegan lifestyle we all wish we had grown up with ourselves makes sense. There are also a lot of vegan parenting profiles on social media to get great plant based parenting tips!



You are now on your way to becoming vegan!

Make sure to let us know how you get on and remember to check out the awesome resources on our website.

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