Grow Up Vegan have trekked across Spain this year for the Plant A Tree Today Foundation, raised funds for local animal sanctuaries and work closely with vegan charities Viva!, Animal Justice Project, and Anonymous for the voiceless.

Fundraising is a great way to play a part in something you feel strongly about! You can do almost anything for charity!

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Grow Up Vegan believe in and stand by those that protest in peace. We follow social accounts of groups of people who solely cover arranged meet ups and peaceful protests against things like animal exploitation, climate change and equality.

Protesting should be well planned and done peacefully, causing no harm to others or yourself. Wiki How has a useful article on arranging protests safely and legally. You need to make sure that you don't do anything naughty whilst protesting and always keep in mind that you are protesting for a better world so do it in a positive way!

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Grow Up Vegan support so many vegan companies and charitable or non profit organisations. You can show your support in many different ways!

Even following companies/charities on social media is showing your support. Retweeting, reposting or sharing posts of those you support can go a long way! Sponsoring them is a great way too, but being apart of fundraising events is even better!

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