eating Vegan

What you can't eat

Vegans do not consume any foods that are animals or by-products of animals, but what does that mean exactly? No dairy and eggs either! The egg and dairy industry causes animals harm and distress and contributes to endless amounts of animals dying which a lot of people don't realise! 

real food

Foods that vegans eat isn't 'vegan food' it is food everyone eats just without the bit of meat sat next to it! Going vegan is really going back to basics and eating food that the earth provides us with. A plant based diet is all about variety! The food groups we eat are, vegetables, fruits, whole-grains, legumes and within each of those groups are an outstanding amount of foods to eat, so much so that I still have plenty of things I have yet to try, and I have been vegan for many years!

vegan products

As veganism grows, so is the 'free from' sections we see in the supermarket. This is where you will find vegan products like vegan cheese, meat replacements, plant based milks and spreads and even sweets and chocolate! How to best recognise vegan approved products is to see if they have a vegan symbol on the packaging.

How to check labels

Seems obvious but many vegans get easily caught out with products containing sneaky hidden ingredients! My rule is, ignore the front and sides, check the back! Find the section titled ingredients and read through them all. Often allergen ingredients are now in bold, so its easier to see when things contain dairy, but be sure to check for any meaty sounding stuff, they don't highlight these and some products don't have the veggie or vegan symbols on them, even if they are! They do like to confuse the compassionate!

eating out

Believe me when I say you can absolutely still eat out! If I can, then everyone can. I have even found vegan cafes in villages that hold the biggest farmers markets every year. The world is changing and Vegan options are becoming the norm!

If you find yourself at a restaurant where they don't show any vegan options, simply ask! I have had so many non vegan meals 'veganised' just for me. You're a paying customer so it is in the restaurants best interest to cater to you. Handy apps like Eat Safe are a great way to find places to go get your vegan meals from too! 

Vegan Kids

What can vegan kids eat? The same as adults of course! I follow a few vegan parents on social media and I love to see what they create for their little vegans, but what I have realised is, vegan kids eat just the same things as I do. It is just presented in a fun way! I also follow lots of vegan kids that inspire me every day! Try searching the hashtags #vegankids #whatvegankidseat and #veganparenting to network with other vegan parents and pinch the meal ideas!

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