What you can't eat


Vegans choose not to consume any foods that are made from animals or from the byproducts of animals, but what does that mean exactly? It means no meat, no eggs, no dairy (milk, yoghurt, butter, cheese), no honey and nothing else from animals. But don't worry, there are LOTS of things we choose to eat!




Foods that vegans eat isn't 'vegan food', it is food everyone eats just without the bit of an animal sat next to it! Going vegan can be as easy as going back to basics and eating whole foods that the earth provides us with. Vegetables, fruits, whole-grains, legumes and within each of those groups are an outstanding amount of variety. Alternatively, there are hundreds of amazing plant based products that mimic animal products! That includes vegan burgers, hot dogs, kebabs, you name it! You can check our resources section for where to find recipes and vegan options!


Spotting vegan products

As veganism grows, so is the amount of amazing plant based options in shops and supermarket. This is where you can find products like vegan cheese, meat replacements, plant based milks and spreads and even sweets and chocolate! The best way to recognise vegan approved products is to see if they have a vegan symbol on the packaging. Otherwise, you can easily check the label to see if it is vegan friendly. You can read our article here about how to read food labels. You can see if the company is owned by vegans and only offers vegan products by looking for the Vegan Founded symbol on products or websites.


eating out


Believe me when I say you can absolutely still eat out! I have even found vegan cafes in villages that hold the biggest farmers markets every year. The world is changing and vegan options are becoming the norm! Most big chains offer vegan options now but if you find yourself at a restaurant where they don't show any vegan options, simply ask! I have had so many non-vegan meals 'veganised' just for me. You're a paying customer so it is in the restaurants best interest to cater to you. Handy apps like Happy Cow are a great way to find vegan friendly places to eat! 


Vegan Kids


What can vegan kids eat? The same as adults of course - just presented in a fun way! Or there are plenty of plant based alternatives that kids love! We hear from lots of vegan kids that inspire us every day! Try searching the hashtags #vegankids #whatvegankidseat and #veganparenting to network with other vegan parents and pinch the meal ideas! You can also check out our kids can cook section for some recipe ideas that kids will rave about!


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