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Claire - Founder/Co-Director and the silly face of 

Grow Up Vegan

I'm Claire, the one that pulls the faces! I founded Grow Up Vegan after failing to find any child friendly vegan social media accounts. I wanted to create a space that not only inspires and educates children, but encourages adults (parent or not) to teach the younger generation about veganism - we want a vegan future after all. Grow Up Vegan may be growing itself, but I still manage all the accounts (with a little help of course) so, feel free to say hello. I love hearing from you. Peace and Love, Claire  

Ross - Co-Director and Campaigns

I'm Ross. PhD Engineering student by day and vegan activist by... later that day. After witnessing the great work Claire/Grow Up Vegan does to inspire a new generation who show compassion to all animals, I knew I wanted to help in any way possible. I'm working hard on a number of new projects which will make our message louder, bolder and brighter with positive, child-friendly approaches at the core!

Lucy - Social media and blog contributor

I'm Lucy. I am a little more behind the scenes of Grow Up Vegan and help with social media to broadcast the message far and wide, as well as writing blog articles to educate children and adults alike. Hopefully I will inspire others to join the vegan community by covering the latest vegan trending topics, giving tips and useful guides on how to live a vegan lifestyle. 


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